Projects - Vocational Service

Vocational Service values underpin much of what Rotarians do - promoting ethical practices in all vocations, recognising the value of all useful occupations and taking action by contributing their vocational talents to the problems and needs of society. These values apply across all Avenues of Service.

Through Vocational Service we:

  • Serve others by using our unique skills to address community needs
  • Empower others through training and skill development
  • Inspire others to act with integrity by following Rotary’s guiding principles

These values lie behind everything we do.

Online Resources

District Chair Vocational Service

Alan Seale, Rotary Club of Central Melbourne-Sunrise


Our Vocational Service Projects include


Victoria Police Mentoring Progam    

Victoria Police, in association with Rotary Districts across the state and the business community have established a successful partnership to deliver the Victoria Police Leaders Mentoring Program. It is a structured 12 month development program that partners a Police mentee with a business or Rotary mentor in order to further develop the Police members’ leadership skills relevant to their role in the Force.


Mentoring Program Support    

Rotarians have a great breadth and depth of knowledge in various professional fields along with life experiences and are often available to take on mentoring roles in their broader communities. Rotarians interested in assisting as mentors are encouraged to contact the Vocational Service Committee.


Vocational Visits    

Exchange programs are a well-established Rotary vehicle for personal and professional development. Historically, D9800 has participated in reciprocal group exchanges, typically four weeks in length with teams of four or five members from participating districts, and funded by the Rotary Foundation.

Topics: vocational


Group Vocational Exchange    

Group Vocational Exchange (GVE) is an international four-week exchange between Districts of teams each comprising four representatives drawn from vocations relevant to The Rotary Foundation's Areas of Focus and led by an experienced Rotarian.