Projects - Community Service

Community Service, “the heartbeat of Rotary”, covers exciting projects and activities that individual Clubs undertake to improve life in their communities through Rotary’s Third Avenue of Service. Projects are as varied as the Clubs that carry them out, but all address the needs of their own community.

Clubs have the central role in the determination, funding and execution of Community Service programs and projects. Effective Community Service projects:

  • Are relevant to the community
  • Anchor a Club to its community
  • Identify and understand the key issues
  • Involve other organisations and stakeholders for best outcomes
  • Provide opportunities for promotion of Rotary and membership The Community Avenue of Service for District 9800 offers a range of District Endorsed, Managed and Supported Programs, each led by experienced program representatives who are willing to assist Clubs.

District Chair Community Service

David Bourke, Rotary Club of Keilor


Our District Community Service Programs include


Shine On Recogniton 2018    

"Shine On" is an outstanding annual Australia-wide Rotary recognition program acknowledging exceptional service to others by people with disabilities.

Clubs may nominate people who meet the criteria and all nominees will receive recognition with a Certificate of Commendation. The 'Shine On' recognition acknowledges service to the community by people with disabilities.

Topics: disability,  community service,  community support


Busy Feet    

Dance program for Children with a Disability designed to create a special place for children aged 6 to 16 by exploring their natural love of movement and music through dance. It is conducted in a fun, safe environment where everyone feels special and is respected for their individual ability and children receive one on one support.

Topics: busyfeet,  community support,  community service,  disability,  dance


Camp Getaway    

Camp Getaway caters for those of all abilities and mobility, provides a meeting place for support groups, and offers those who need it most, a sanctuary away from their daily struggles. Whilst disability and related support groups have priority for booking dates, Camp Getaway welcomes bookings from family groups, church groups, clubs, special functions, business meetings, and recreational groups.

Topics: community support,  community service,  disability,  camps,  community,  camp getaway


Computers 4 Community    

This program liaises with business and organisations to facilitate donations of late-model superseded PC and IT equipment that are then re-furbished with licenced Microsoft Software and a tutorial installed. These are then provided to disadvantaged students and needy groups in communities.

How Clubs can assist:

  • Source computers, screens, keyboards and mice (computers need to be Pentium 4 and above with DVD reader)
  • Source worthy recipients, either individuals or organisations to receive the refurbished computers
  • Fund a $60 charge to cover license fees and refurbishment costs
  • Consider funding computer refurbishment cost and freight for overseas projects.

Program representatives: Rick Westcott (Melbourne), Joe Butler (Brimbank Central), Jack Watson (Brimbank Central) Peter Sutherland (North Balwyn)

Topics: computers,  secondhand,  community support,  community service,  community


ROADEC (Rochester Driver Education Complex)    

The aim of this program is not to teach young drivers how to get their licence, but how to ensure they stay alive once they do. The program is designed to provide young drivers with the skills and techniques to ensure they are safe, responsible road users. It is run at a purpose built facility at Elmore Events Centre. The complex consists of classrooms and a purpose built road system that features all types of road surfaces, traffic lights, hills and a large sealed area.

Topics: community service,  driver education,  community support,  community


Violence Free Families    

Violence Free Families is dedicated to improving the quality of life of families affected in this way. Its fundamental belief is that every person has the right to live in his or her family free of fear and intimidation. A special concern is the protection of children.

Topics: violence,  education,  research,  technology,  community service,  community support,  health


Western Emergency Relief Network (WERN)     

(WERN) provides emergency relief and assistance through supplying good quality second hand furniture, electronic  and whitegoods, to people in need due to homelessness, mental health, family violence, refugee, fire or flood situations.


Australian Rotary Health    

Pushed into action by the mystery surrounding sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Ian Scott addressed the Rotary Club of Mornington on June 17, 1981, highlighting the need to fund more medical research in order to shed light on the mystery of the syndrome.

After more than 30 years, Ian Scott’s dream of funding research is still alive with Australian Rotary Health raising close to $27 million for medical research since its origin, $10 million of which contributing to advances in mental health, the main focus of Australian Rotary Health since 2000.

Topics: australian medical research,  community health,  community service,  sids,  mental health,  hatday,  partnering with universities


EndTrachoma by 2020 - Rotary Australia's Multi-District Project    

Clubs around Australia support many worthwhile charities and projects. But EndTrachoma by 2020 is something particularly special for Rotary Australia.

Our Australian Centenary project needs your support on the ground to mobilise Rotarians and communicate the value of our project to clubs and communities.

Topics: ian riseley president of rotary international,  community service


Life After Stroke    

Mentoring for Return to Community Engagement (a vocationally inspired program)

The Life After Stroke (LAS) program is conducted in conjunction with Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) and provides for Rotarians to be supported to engage the Rotary network to find suitable community engagement, work experience and (where possible) paid work.

Topics: health,  vocational service,  community service


Rotary Ovarian Cancer Reseach (RoCan)    

This Year more than 1,500 Women will be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Over 850 will die from this Disease.

This Project became a District 9800 project, supported by many Rotary Clubs with over $370,000 raised for research, to help find a Screening test for all Women in our community.

Topics: rocan,  ovarian cancer research,  research,  community service,  community health,  community


Rotarian Action Group of MS Awareness (RAGMSA)    

RAGMSA is one of Rotary International's sixteen Action Groups established to promote MS awareness, encourage Rotarians and MS societies to collaborate to contribute via fundraising activities to MS research and provide support for people with MS (pwMS).

Topics: ragsma,  ms,  community service,  community health


Youth Suicide Awareness    

Youth suicide is the last taboo. Rotary however can help address this tragedy by supporting teachers, police officers, social workers and mental health clinicians to better understand the many challenges faced by today’s young people.

Clubs can provide scholarships to assist professionals to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health at the University of Melbourne and thus offer a simple, practical way of addressing mental illness in adolescence.

Topics: youth,  community health,  suicide,  community service,  community


Basic Education and Literacy    

Basic education and literacy is one of the Foundation’s six areas of focus. Everyone has the right to learn to read, write and enjoy the power, pleasures and independence of being literate. For some the journey will be easy, for others it will take much hard work and unfortunately for approximately 18 percent of today’s world population it will never happen.

Topics: community support,  education,  literacy,  community service


Rotary Australia Benevolent Society    

RABS was a new initiative introduced in 2013 to help individuals or communities suffering stress, poverty, sickness, disability, misfortune or helplessness. It is a local program focussing on local needs rather than an internal program, but qualifies for Australian Tax Office tax deductibility status by being aligned with RAWCS during this pilot phase.

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