District Training Assembly


Attached please find the Agenda and Registration form for the District Training Assembly. 

Please complete the registration form and return by the RSVP date of 8th May and remit the payment as per the instruction on the form. 

So that we have the correct setup for numbers in each room we ask that all attendees indicate which breakout they will be attending is Session 1 and Session 2. 

Lunch is optional, however if you and your team decide to take the opportunity to stay and network please ensure the choice of meal is marked and dietary requirements completed. Cost of lunch is $20 per head, whilst attendance only is $14, so attendance and lunch $34 per head. Any questions please contact either Bernie (0419 302 104) or Marjorie (0419 302 109)

Please note that this year members of your Club serving on District and required to attend the assembly as presenters will be paid for by District and need not be included on your registration form. Members of the District Board, District Avenue of Service Chairs and Assistant Governors will also be paid for by District.

I look forward to seeing you and your club in force at the Assembly!


We would appreciate your assistance in having this form completed and returned by the RSVP date of 8th May if your PE is not available to do so.



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