September Area of Focus is Basic Education and Literacy


Membership Month Draws to a Close - But the Journey Must Continue

Bendigo Rotarians with their story in “Rotary Down Under”. They had supported drought-stricken farmers by supplying dog food for their working dogs.During visits to clubs I have been honoured to present badges many new members of the Rotary Family. The Member A Month Campaign is going well with many clubs already qualifying for the $1,000 grant for their new members to engage in a project. Remember, you have until 31 October 2016 to get those four new members so keep working at it.

By the way, there was an article in the last Networker relating to the Bendigo Rotary Club supporting drought stricken farmers by providing food for their working dogs. Would you believe that the project was the idea of new members who were asked to identify a project using the $1,000 membership grant. That is what you call a great story, where the strategy becomes real. I’m not the only one who thinks this is a great story because the Rotary Down Under August publication featured it as a cover story. And there’s more - I have been asked to present at the upcoming Zone Institute on the impact this coverage has had on the club.

You Just Have to Ask!

Rotarian-to-be Rebecca JohnIt’s only early on into our club visits, but the travelling gives Rebecca and me plenty of time for chatting. We both note how inspiring it is to hear what clubs are doing in their communities and we never tire of it. To cut a long story short, I asked Rebecca would be interested in joining Rotary and she said yes. I then realized that I just hadn’t asked before! Later in September Rebecca will become a member of Rotary Central Melbourne. I wonder if there any others out there we should ask?

Rotaract & Rotary member

Mark Tognan (Gateway Rotaract) is set to become a dual member as he prepares to be inducted into Keilor East Rotary. Congratulations in advance Mark and we hope that there are plenty more Rotaractors to follow.

We Care

Another great idea recently implemented by Brighton Rotary focusing on member retention is the creation of a ‘We Care’ Committee, who are responsible for member and spouse/partner well-being, assimilating new members into the club, follow-up with those who are unwell or in need of support and even the offer of confidential counseling if needed. There are plenty of ideas for the taking that will help attract and retain members; we just have to be open-minded and flexible in giving them a try.

Basic Education and Literacy

I remember growing up in a home where spelling and times tables were the subject of daily tests after dinner. Yes, the 3 R’s, although I’m not sure about Rithmatic being spelt that way. I became confident with spelling and numbers and believe that this much later gave me the confidence to think about a career in Chartered Accounting. The importance of literacy and numeracy exposure at a young age is fundamental to our development and the potential career opportunities at a later age.

Adult Literacy

For most of us, reading and writing are as natural as breathing. But imagine if you didn’t have the functional literacy skills needed to complete a job application, sign a document, understand a child’s report card, or read a prescription. An adult who is functionally literate is able to engage in activities that enable them to function effectively in society. Adults tend to be more motivated to learn when they understand the practical outcomes they can gain. Acquiring functional literacy skills fosters a sense of self-fulfillment, equips learners with the ability to improve their families’ living standards, and may also encourage parents to play a more active role in their children’s education.

The My Rotary ‘Learning and Reference’ section has a link to some excellent Basic Education & Literacy project strategies that your club might wish to look at, and suggests ways to establish relationships with community stakeholders such as schools and adult learning centres and other local community groups.

Vocational Training Team - Cambodia Part 2

Last January, D9800 sent a Vocational Training Team to Cambodia to provide training in teaching early year English for one hundred teachers from remote village schools. We are now preparing a Foundation Global Grant application, which if successful will provide further annual training programs for teachers from the remote village schools in Cambodia

Neville John
District Governor 2016-2017

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