August is the month of Membership and New Club Development


By Peter Frueh, District Governor 2017-2018

Across the Rotary world, August is the month of Membership and New Club Development. 

Membership growth and retention is the highest internal priority in Rotary, across the world and in our District. New members are the lifeblood of our Clubs, bringing their vocational and other skills, energy and passion for “Making a Difference”. 

Our Clubs need to reach out into their communities to find those people the club needs, to do their ongoing humanitarian projects. Better still, launch a new project and find the people who can join you to make it happen. 

As Rotary members, each of us needs to talk about the projects we do, the benefits to the recipients and the fun we have doing them. It is our personal stories which will inspire others to join us in “Doing Good in the World”. 

Help make your new members feel welcome. Find out about them, their families, interests and passions. We are all individuals and our diversity makes our clubs strong and engaging. 

As Anne and I travel to Clubs in our visits, we are impressed by the amazing range and scope of humanitarian projects undertaken by clubs. Often these are undertaken quietly, behind the scenes. But how will non-Rotarians find out about these projects if we don’t add community engagement and public image aspects to every project? Why not get the scouts/guides, schools, sporting clubs and other groups involved? 

Some clubs have a well organised approach to membership. They have a defined leader and a plan which everyone understands and participates in. Other clubs have an ad hoc approach. Which sort of club do you want to be in? Please talk about these issues during August and take action. 

The District Membership team have resources to assist clubs who request assistance. They are also working with strong clubs to charter new clubs and satellite clubs.


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