District Governor Peter Frueh’s November Message


Throughout the Rotary International world, November is Foundation month. Many clubs are recognising this in their program or by specific events, but for practical reasons, some are planning for presentations or events later in the Rotary year.

Whatever time, it is always a good time:

  • To find out about Rotary’s own charity; 
  • To see how the Rotary Foundation allows clubs to “Do Good in the World” 
  • To appreciate how one of the world’s best Foundation operates with low costs and high sustainability and transparency 
  • To help finally eradicate Polio, for future generations 
  • To think about making a contribution, whatever suits you, to help extend the good work that Foundation allows.

Whenever we discuss Foundation we need to remember that experienced Rotarians have perhaps “heard it all before” and can switch off. However, more than 800 Rotarians have joined our District in the last three years, and many of them would not have had the chance to understand the Rotary Foundation. I can say honestly that I didn’t in my first three years in Rotary.

You will see many articles about great projects being done around the world and in Australia with the help of Foundation grants. There are many global grant and peace scholars who are “Making a Difference” using Foundation funds. None of this is possible without the funds put in by Rotarians, clubs and friends of the Rotary Foundation - in our District and around the world.

I have made the Rotary Foundation my charity of choice and can politely tell door knocker and other paid/volunteer fund raisers that, “sorry but I give to the Rotary Foundation”.

Peter Frueh District Governor 2017-2018 

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