Open Day at Donations in Kind


Saturday 24th February, 2018 is the date set for this year’s OPEN DAY at Donations in Kind Store at 400 Somerville Road West Footscray.

As everyone is aware we have moved from Shed 40 to Shed 39 and given lots of work by many people, the store is looking terrific.

The Open Day is a great opportunity to showcase the store but more importantly show you the many opportunities for you to use the store to assist your Community and International projects.

We will take the opportunity to use the day as the “Official Opening” for the new location and will have the ribbon cutting ceremony at 1.00pm.

The day will run from 10.00am to 3.00 pm with tea and coffee throughout the day and a traditional sausage sizzle for lunch.

The Open Day gives every Rotarian the chance to see the store – many for the first time and particularly for new Rotarians to see some easy “hands on” opportunities.

The move gave us the opportunity for a big “spring clean” and enabled us to put in place a better layout for the store. It also gave us the opportunity to provide better facilities for our volunteers and for Clubs to use the store for their meetings.

It was not all easy as we had a big surprise when we were advised that some of our existing racking could not be reinstalled as it was no longer of the “approved” type.  Consequently we had to purchase quite a few new “approved” uprights so we could provide at least the same volume of racking capacity.

This unforseen expense has given our available funds a significant “hit” so we are using the Open Day as an opportunity to ask for your financial assistance.

You can help us by “buying” a full bay of racking for $1500 or a double pallet space for $150. Our objective is to replenish the coffers with the $10,000 that this additional racking cost us.

We would love to close the day with the knowledge that we had achieved this.

So mark the date in your calendar and join us at Shed 39 on Saturday 24th February.

For more information about Donations in Kind, visit:

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