Dictionaries for Schools - An Opportunity for Donations in Kind


By Bronwyn Stevens, District Governor Elect, Rotary Club of Melbourne South

This “win win” is so unusual I am following it up after our meeting at Donations in Kind last night.  It is a great opportunity to connect with their schools with the gift of a beautiful and very special offering, all the while supporting our Donations in Kind store.

In my opinion and from what school professional friends tell me, if Rotarians come to a school with an open and receptive willingness to get involved, there are exciting ways to be of help in the school community.  For example, Phil Rowell and his friends at Rotary Club of Brighton North help in the class rooms listening to children read.  Phil listened to a little boy last year for an hour a week and his reading levels shot from 6 to 21.  Homework clubs, breakfast clubs, environmental awareness programs and of course our youth scholarship and programs are all exciting possibilities.  These then create friendships between Rotarians and teachers, parents and the possibilities go on.

These brand new dictionaries (with a complimentary digital edition) donated by OfficeMax have a retail value today on the Internet of $90.

"This fifth edition of the Macquarie, measuring a new awareness of environment and fragility, will mark a turning of the tide in our consciousness, in the span of our response, in the way we give voice to place – and place to voice"

Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

What a stunning gift to take to a School Principal as a conversation starter between a Rotary Club and a School, particularly at the start of the school year.

In the left of the fly leaf will be Rotary’s four way test, and on the right a fitting acknowledgment of the gift from the Rotary Club to the school.

Clubs can contribute what they will for such an elegant and eloquent tome. Every dollar they do will fund running costs of their own Donations of Kind warehouse.  Sales on the Open Day 24th February.

We have 120 dictionaries donated by OfficeMax and if Clubs were to purchase them for $50 each $6000 would be in DIK kitty…if Clubs were to purchase them for $100 each $12000….WOW!  That would be a month’s operating costs covered.

PS:Don’t forget to RSVP to Laurie Fisher and advise how many are attending from your Club. This is also a great opportunity to invite pro-spective members, community members and potential suppliers. 

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