Engaging our Millennials in Rotary


Amanda Wendt, Director of Public Image and Communications for District 9800 and member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, recently received a very special invitation from incoming Rotary International President-Elect Barry Rassin to deliver a keynote on ‘Understanding the Generations, Activating our Younger Members’ in San Diego at the 2018 International Assembly.

She spoke about ways to attract, engage and activate millennials in Rotary. Amanda said the key is how Rotary sells its value proposition – an unparalleled platform to make a difference - to a generation who are ambitious, highly engaged in social causes and genuinely wanting to change the world. She encouraged everyone to start telling millennials that Rotary is one of the original social enterprise incubators in the world and is the perfect partner for those who want to make an impact.

This was a very powerful and timely message for all District-Governor Elects and senior Rotary leaders as recruiting younger members and ensuring their succession through our organisation is vital to the long-term sustainability of Rotary.

Amanda received a standing ovation for her presentation and feedback from around the world has been overwhelming positive, with many commenting on the valuable content, world-class delivery and her passion for Rotary.

Amanda reported it was wonderful to see Bronwyn and Mark Stephens in the crowd and to receive such tremendous support from the Australian and New Zealand delegation.

As an extra treat, the person who introduced Amanda to Rotary over 10 years ago, now lives and works in San Diego and sat front row for her presentation. A wonderful reminder of the internationality of our organisation and the lifelong friendships we make along the way.

You can watch Amanda’s presentation here: http://video.rotary.org/AkY/gs4-understanding-different-generations-amanda-wendt/

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