Honour Our Fallen


By Rick McCarthy OAM, Director, Honour our Fallen

Honour Our Fallen is a newly raised not-for-profit organisation (registration pending) formed to honour and preserve the memory of those deceased military personnel, buried in Australia, who served our Nation in all conflicts and theatres since the Boer War.

In partnership with local Schools, who will research and locate ex-Service personnel graves in local cemeteries, in any area and thereafter, on each Anzac Day beginning in 2018, place an Australian flag on each gravesite or memorial plaque.

We request all veteran groups, historical, community, ex-Service associations and schools through member newsletters, and individual families and friends of deceased veterans, to individually complete a simple “Flag Request” form to assist us in our research and commemorative activities.

Honour Our Fallen was launched on Remembrance Day, 11th November 2017, through media announcements and via correspondence to a number of Government authorities requesting their assistance, with positive results to date. The program will allow us to implement our plans in concert with the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1.

Commemoration will include Army, Navy, Airforce, Nursing Corps, Women’s Services, Merchant Seamen and Peacekeeping personnel from all conflicts dating back to the Boer War.

Honour Our Fallen’s mission is to perpetuate the memory of all deceased veterans and to build pride in our community, particularly our youth, in the virtues of service to our Nation and respect for those who died protecting our freedom and way of life. This in turn should lead to greater recognition and respect for those presently serving in uniform, in particular, a feeling of acceptance on their returning from overseas duties.

Go to honourourfallen.com, complete a Flag Request form and press submit.

We do the rest pre ANZAC Day 2018 in all requested areas of the Nation.                                                                                                    

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