February is Rotary's Peace Month


Peter Frueh District Governor 2017-2018 February 2018

February 23rd is Rotary International’s 113th Birthday. This month the focus is on Peace. There are so many aspects of Peace:

  • Inner peace and wellbeing of the individual
  • Peace within our families and friends
  • Peace within our local community and other communities in our nation
  • International peace between nations

In this increasingly globalised world there are other aspects of peace we need to see, between different religions, different races and different belief systems. We might be one big family of mankind, but we seem to find many things to disagree on.

For over one billion people without enough to eat, or two billion people without clean water and sanitation, getting through each day is a challenge. Disease can devastate families and lack of access to education can prevent children from reaching their potential. Communities need to grow their local economies. These are the six areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation.

Almost all the big issues in the world are global and beyond the scope of any one nation, no matter how powerful, to fix. Rotary International provides a vehicle to address these issues and we can all Make a Difference. We need only pick one local or international issue which we have a passion for and look for practical ways to improve things, whether this is through supporting research, implementing known practical solutions or working with partners to find solutions. Successes can be shared with other clubs and districts, as well as being supported by our Rotary Foundation. This is how we leverage up our individual efforts to achieve great things and Do Good in the World.

Having been to quite a few funerals this year of outstanding Rotarians, I draw inspiration from the eulogies delivered by their families and Rotary friends. What a great opportunity we have to help those less fortunate than ourselves and to do it with others who have a positive outlook to life.


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