Slide to Sri Lanka


It is estimated that 300 playground each year in Victoria are replaced, with the old ones going to scrap. Many are in good condition. Playgrounds in Sri Lanka are rare. SLIDE TO SRI LANKA is a joint District Approved Project between our District 9800 and the Rotary District of Sri Lanka, District 3220.

The task isn't difficult! A playground from Greater Geelong Council has already been shipped and reassembled for community use at the Sputnik School in Kurunegala! 

The plan is to expand this program to involve other Councils and many playgrounds.

How can your club become involved?

  • By coordinating the removal of a designated playground in your area!

The playgrounds being selected bolt together and so can be readily dismantled, shipped and reassembled in Sri Lanka.

It requires a club member(s) to apply WD40 a couple of times in advance of removal and to map/photograph/code the pieces to facilitate correct reassembly by a Rotary team in Sri Lanka.

Disassembling can be completed in half a day by a team of 6-10 leaving just the uprights to be "eased out" by the contractor installing the replacement playground.

The MG Car Cub of Geelong volunteered to do much of the manual work for Flemington Rotary.

A 40ft container costs about $3000 to ship and is estimated to hold 5 playgrounds. It is likely that much of the cost could come from the councils in lieu of the labor cost of removing and disposing of the playgroundWhen the container arrives in Sri Lanka, their Rotary District team will take responsibility for the clearance, transport and installation of the playgrounds. The initial focus for placement will be the Jaffna Area that is still recovering from conflict a few years ago

Need to Know More?

Contact Peter Cribb at Flemington Rotary Club by email or phoneI will also be on the International Stand at the District Conference on the Saturday.


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