Violence Free Families


A bold new initiative

The Rotary Club of Brighton has worked for the prevention of family violence since 1994.

Its latest initiative is a national charity for the prevention of family violence “Violence Free Families”, a name that explains its vision.

The statistics of family violence are frightening. One in four families in Australia is affected by some form of violence and it is the largest cause of premature death and injury among women aged 15 to 44.

Violence Free Families is dedicated to improving the quality of life of families affected in this way. Its fundamental belief is that every person has the right to live in his or her family free of fear and intimidation. A special concern is the protection of children.

Established in 2009, it provides a vehicle to focus the efforts of Rotary Clubs and encourages wider community participation. Its current program is:

  • developing new types of prevention programs, especially a new program to be delivered over the web.  This has now completed four successful trials and is poised for a larger scale roll-out;
  • research into more effective prevention. It has sponsored a long-term research study through Monash University aimed at improving the quality of male violence prevention programs and the results have been posted on the Violence Free Families Website;
  • The website has more information including annual and half year reports.

The Rotary Club of Brighton and Violence Free Families together have now raised over $1,100,000 for this work. In recent years the Brighton club has been joined by more and more clubs and their work has been recognised by District Awards and an Australian Government Crime Prevention Award. It is formally endorsed by the District.

The participation of interested clubs and individuals, Rotarians or not, is most welcome.

The program can be contacted through the Violence Free Families website or through David Smyth (Brighton), Barry Hickman (Brighton), Kerry Kornhauser (Albert Park), Kate Strain (Brighton North), Tom Crompton (Melbourne) or Gabe Hau (Rotary e-Club of Melbourne).

For more information including Annual and Half Year Reports, visit the Violence Free Families Website

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