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Content Item - Life After Stroke

Mentoring for Return to Community Engagement (a vocationally inspired program)

The Life After Stroke (LAS) program is conducted in conjunction with Stroke Association of Victoria (SAV) and provides for Rotarians to be supported to engage the Rotary network to find suitable community engagement, work experience and (where possible) paid work.

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Content Item - 30 years of Australian Rotary Health

Mental Health Research Project Grants & Scholarships, Indigenous Health Scholarships, Rural Medical and Nursing Scholarships and Funding Partners in numerous other Health fields have all been a focus for Australian Rotary Health Research Fund.

Pushed into action by the mystery surrounding sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Ian Scott addressed the Rotary Club of Mornington on June 17, 1981, highlighting the need to fund more medical research in order to shed light on the mystery of the syndrome.

After 30 years, Ian Scott’s dream of funding research is still alive with Australian Rotary Health raising close to $27 million for medical research since its origin, $10 million of which contributing to advances in mental health, the main focus of Australian Rotary Health since 2000.

Australian Rotary Health commemorated 30 years of service in August 2011, celebrating three decades of providing funding for medical research and scholarships for healthcare professional.

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Content Item - Violence Free Families

Violence Free Families is dedicated to improving the quality of life of families affected in this way. Its fundamental belief is that every person has the right to live in his or her family free of fear and intimidation. A special concern is the protection of children.

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